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Cigarette tricks?

I have googled bar tricks/cigarette tricks, but didn't come up with anything other than illusions.

I'm writing a short story about an aging bar crawler, she was about 18 when punk first emerged making her about 50 now.
There's a fleeting reference of her doing a cool trick to light her cigarette (the point being that even though she's standing alone in an alleyway she still does it out of habit) but aside from flicking one and catching it in her mouth I can't think of anything else. Lighter tricks aren't really what I was looking for, I did look into a few zippo tricks but I couldn't see her doing them.

It's set in present day(ish) UK (it's not set anywhere specifically) although a bar trick is a bar trick and I doubt they vary an awful lot from place to place. I should know this, living as I am in present day UK, but not many of my friends smoke so I'm at a loss as to what fancy things can be done.

I was wondering if anybody had any alternatives to the flick-->mouth trick.
Thank you!
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