Chibi (tenshikitsune) wrote in little_details,

Anyone Know Voodou Mythology?

The setting isn't really relevant, but I need some info on the Baron Kriminel from Haitian Voudan legend because my chacracter is trying to explain voodoo to a friend. 2007 setting, London England- My character is very open-minded and into everything and her friend is trying to 'soul search' and find herself, so she asked about Voudan practise and mythology.

I know so far that he's one of the faces of The Baron(or Bawon) Samedi and that Baron Kriminel works for pay.

Things I tried to Goolge: Baron Kriminel, Baron Krimminel, Baron Samedi, Baron Criminel and all of those, but in quotation marks. I checked out, Dogpile (search engine), Wikipedia and Google (duh..) and I still got next to nothing.

I don't want to know how to call him in ritual ceremony, just what he represents, why a Haitian would strike a deal with him and how... the like. Any and all help is appreciated ^.^
Tags: ~religion: african diasporic
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