Melyanna (melyanna) wrote in little_details,

Divorce in 1950s United States, and mail during the Korean War

Attempts at Google made it apparent that I have no idea how to look this kind of thing up.

I have a character who's getting divorced (cause is adultery on his wife's part, if that's relevant) in 1950. I'd like to have a general idea of how long it would take for the divorce to be finalized from when he signs the papers. The complicating factor is that he's serving in Korea at the time, so there's also some sort of delay due to it taking a while to mail something from the US to Korea and vice versa.

I'm imagining that this could also vary from state to state, but like I said, I just want a general idea – anecdotal evidence is perfectly fine. I don't even know that much about how divorce works from a legal perspective now, and I can only imagine that it was a harder and longer process in 1950.

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