Trible (tamtrible) wrote in little_details,

Space ship logistics.

Not sure how to research this one, just trying to get people's guestimates/impressions. Setting is, um, Earth something like 200-500 years from now.
We have a large space voyage, that will take 5 to 10 years, with the possibility of no other human contact for the duration (this is the first time they're checking on colonies that were sent out by older, slower FTL ships). This is an extremely planned voyage, with Relevant Experts calculating a balance of weight, resources, expertise, psychological factors, and so forth. But I'm trying to figure out, just as a general ballpark, how many people there should be.

Basically what I'm trying to achieve is the smallest reasonable number with enough people for relatively normal group social dynamics over extended periods. These are carefully selected volunteers and all, but these people don't want a squillion-dollar mission aborted or lost because their pshrinks misjudged someone. And, of course, enough people for redundancy of key functions would be A Good, so they're not all dead if the wrong person kicks it.
Any reasonable guesses, or advice on how to get someone else's reasonable guesses?

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