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Irish (Galway) baby talk for Angel/Spike story

I'm writing an Angel/Spike story in which, for kinky purposes I won't describe here, I need to know the baby talk words Angel would have grown up with (he was turned into a vampire in 1753); it would be words a parent would use when referring to a toddler or preschooler's 1) buttocks/bottom, 2) penis, and 3) the act of urination. It doesn't need to be super specific to the time period, but the kinds of language Angelus would use if he acted as Spike/William's "Daddy" in the 1880's. Oh, and if there's a specific word for the "dresses" little boys wore before "breeching" around age 5, that would be useful too.

I tried looking for dictionaries online and basically kept being referred back to the same ones or sent to sites w/ short lists of terms for tourists or slang dictionaries that were adult slang.
Tags: ireland: history, ~languages: english: historical

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