Shareth ket Harmakhis (arinye) wrote in little_details,
Shareth ket Harmakhis

Storms; New York's UN headquarters

I have googled and wiki'd and it's making me sore. There are no indications for either question I need answered, no matter what I search, and without the answers my would-be book is a literary miscarriage.

Question 1: How long would a storm in the North Atlantic (right off of Newfoundland, for detail's sake) have to consistently build in ferocity before it would be recognized by trained weather-watchers as something unnatural (or at least massively outside the normal parameters for storms in that area)?

Question 2: Just how large a spaceship could land on or near the United Nations headquarters in New York (you'd THINK it would be easy to find, but nooooo) without damaging any buildings (broken statuary acceptable if it can't be helped by a spaceship of any reasonable size for a first-contact team)?

The setting is 2012, Our Earth, in case that helps.
Tags: usa: new york: new york city, ~climate/weather

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