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Question regarding an intersex condition

xposted to medical_geeks.

Hopefully this is the kind of question that can be posted here.

OK, here's my question.

He obviously has an intersex condition. He was initially raised female, but lives as a man. Whatever he has down below, his wife isn't complaining - then again, he might be very good with his hands :)
He can't sire children. He knows he's different, and has always known. He presents as a normative male but with a slightly higher voice than usual, and somewhat more feminine features than usual, with no body hair.

Initially I thought that he might be XXY, but XXY genitals don't appear all that ambiguous... is it possible?

I've also thought "true hermaphrodite" (mosaic or chimera), or 5-Alpha Reductase Deficiency in which case he would begin appearing male after puberty - but that wouldn't account for the more XXY-typical phenotype.

What specific intersex conditions can cause a person (socially gendered male) to have a phenotype similar to XXY, and yet have ambiguous genitalia?

I have Googled, PathGuy'ed, eMedicined, etc. this question for YEARS. Really. Four years later, I'm not certain what intersex condition this guy has - it will never once be mentioned in my story, but it would sure settle things in my mind...
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