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Rape, Single Motherhood

Thank you for your answers.
I have come to some conclusions; chiefly, that her experience would have been like someone who was given a date rape drug (since she doesn't remember the rape). I'm looking online for personal experience stories.
Thank you.

Two questions. I apologize if I may have asked this before; it was a long time ago (over a year) if I did, and I don't remember.

1. Rape.
The scenario: a deeply religious teenage girl (about 16), who is a virgin, is knocked unconscious and raped while unconscious. She has no memory of the actual rape, only of the trauma of being knocked out, and waking up in the equivalent of a hospital. She discovers some time later that she's pregnant.
What would she feel about a rape that she doesn't remember? Would she have issues over sex? This was a woman just coming into her sexuality, who desparately wanted a lover prior to the rape. Later on, about fifteen years later, she falls in love and gets married. She deeply loves her child and is glad to have the child.
So. How would she feel about the rape, resolve it, etc.

2. Lonely single mother.
My aforementioned single mother goes to live as an outcast (because she bears a halfbreed child in a very racist setting), in a group of people who are outcasts, on the equivalent of a colony for social misfits. She struggles to survive, works her fingers to the bone. Prior to getting pregnant, she really longed for a man to share her life with, and had a very serious "crush" for an unnattainable man (who had vows of celibacy). What would her feelings be now? Would she be likely to consider men in her group? How much would she be likely to fantasize about falling in love, having sex, etc. even if it seemed like an impossibility that she should ever "hook up" with anyone, and even with a child to raise?

Edited to say:
This is a culture without abortion. They claim to revere life. But... they're very intolerant of outsiders. This is an extraterrestrial civilization related to humans. She was raped by a human.

Second edit, for clarification:
Yes, actually I am looking for different cultural attitudes... also, personal experiences are welcome... sorry I didn't say that.
Tags: ~childrearing, ~sexual abuse & assault

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