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Zigismunda formosa

The early Lutheran church

The setting: An AU but parallel Earth, a small, thriving town, home-base of a fairly important noble family but otherwise somewhat out of the way. (It has a minor vampire problem.) It's in the equivalent of southeastern Germany, in a Lutheran principality in a period vaguely between the equivalents of the Peace of Augsburg and the Peace of Westphalia.

The question: I need to know about the daily life of an ordinary Lutheran Church in this time and place. What would the liturgy be like? When would they have services? What else would happen at the church & how central would the church and pastor be to the community? How would a congregation get a new pastor, and how would he have been trained? (Presumably at one of the Lutheran universities, or would you get pastors with limited education?) What was the church bureacracy, and the local church government, like? Funerals, baptism, weddings, exorcism, ordinations. Would they have eaten the left-over Communion bread with dinner, or would they have disposed of it specially? Where would the pastor live, and how unusual would it be to be unmarried? Etc, etc, etc. Part of the reason for the general AU-ness is so that I don't have to over-research all this stuff, but I'd like at least a general idea.

The sources: I've tried looking this up *many* times over a period of years on the internet, and never gotten much. Looking up church history and all the possible vartiations and subsets thereof gets me *political* histories of the period, and detailed accounts of the doctrinal changes, and accounts that only talk about, say, 20th century stuff, or the American church, or the careers of particular luminaries in the church. And I've found some academic historical stuff where I can wade through twenty pages for one or two tidbits that are kind of helpful. Books have been about the same results. I even waded through the Book of Concord. (I thought about Table Talk, but the only copies I could find were in languages I don't know, and it's too early anyway.) Either I'm going about this entirely the wrong way, or the information's just not out there. I need the ordinary, day-to-day life of the Lutherans who weren't actively involved in making history. (Maybe there just weren't any.)

I'd love websites, keyword help, book recs, vague memories, anything! I don't want to have to do this the hard way if somebody else has already written it up.
Tags: 1500-1599, 1600-1699, europe: history, germany: history, ~religion: christianity (misc)

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