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Blood Pressure and Pulse on a Gunshot Victim

Setting: mid 1990s. The patient is a fifteen year old who was shot with a .44 caliber revolver. There's no exit wound and the paramedics suspect that the bullet may have ricocheted inside the chest cavity or the abdomen but there are no obvious symptoms yet. She's in an ambulance with a paramedic in attendance and a doctor from the ER on the radio giving instructions as he's given patient information.

Search Engines used: I used Wikipedia, an article on splenic trauma from http://www.healthatoz.com, and MedLine Plus Online Encyclopedia as well as eMedicine and Web MD. they all give a wide variety of information but I'd like suggestions for specifics.

The Question: Hypervolemic shock is already established and the articles say that pulse would be elevated and blood pressure low. However, the articles on splenic trauma and hemopneumothorax say that blood pressure may be either artificially inflated by the trauma or low. Given the combination of injuries (and I'm looking for the ER docs to miss the splenic injury at first since they're concentrating on the gun shot wound itself and on the hemopneumothorax), which would it be: high or low? Secondarily --- and none of the articles cover this --- what would be the likely pulse, temperature, and blood pressure readings for a fifteen year old in this condition?

I didn't want to just throw a bunch of vitals up and have them be completely wrong for the injuries.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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