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Use of titles/honourifics on British Passports/I.D.

The Situation: The MC is the grandson and only male heir of an English Earl. He has his own title of Viscount so-and-so, but he has fled to Canada and doesn't want anyone there to know he is a peer of the realm. He has brought his passport and any other I.D. I need to make this plot-point work. Another character has found one/all of these documents and has *gasp* discovered he is a Lord!!!

The Search: An honest-to-goodness book on Titles and Forms of Address for the U.K. Google and Wilkipedia with every variation of titles/honourifics/forms of address and British Passports/I.D. I now know whom to write to to find out whether or not a person is actually a Peer, how to refer to them in writing, formally and informally, and how to apply under every possible category for a British passport, but what I don't know is...

The Question: Does governmentally-issued I.D. in England make mention of someone's title if they are a Peer? In other words, would someone's passport actually say: "The Right Honourable The Viscount so-and-so?" And if it wasn't on governmental I.D., what type of document would have that kind of information besides a piece of formal correspondence? 

Thank you kindly for your help in this matter,

I have the honour to remain,
Your faithful servant

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