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UCMJ Trial Stuff

So, I'm writing a Stargate: Atlantis fic. For those not familiar with the setting, Atlantis is an ancient abandoned city on an alien world and there's an Earth expedition that's settled there to study the tech and get to know the natives of nearby planets and the like. The expedition is international and civilian, but has a strong military presence-- a couple hundred servicemen, mostly US Air Force and Marines, under the command of an Air Force Lieutenant Colonel. Getting back and forth to Atlantis can take some time and effort.

Anyhow, the story has a subplot involving some Marines caught out in seeking sex with some underaged prostitutes-- both male and female-- which leads to testimony that most of 'em had already indulged a few times. The area where this occurred was officially off-limits and some of these guys had left their posts to do this. Yeah, not exactly the cream of the crop, these guys.

So, reading through the UCMJ, I find Conspiracy (they'd all planned this little outing), Failure to Obey Order or Regulation, Misbehaviour of a Sentinel or Lookout (for those who'd abandoned security posts), Carnal Knowledge, and Sodomy, maybe General Article stuff tossed at them, too, since statutory rape of girls falls under Carnal Knowledge, but with the boys it's only ("only" she says) a sodomy charge and this is a little more serious. Oh, and attempted stuff, too. Well, it's pretty obvious this is going to take the form of some General Courts-Martial, which means an Article 32 ahead of time and so on.

I'm not wanting to write a blow-by-blow of this, but I do want some sense of how this is going to go. And, yeah, I'm having trouble wrapping my head around some of this military legal stuff...

1) Would the Courts-Martial take place in situ or would they send these guys back to Earth once the Article 32 determined it was pursuable?

2) Is the Lieutenant Colonel in charge of the expedition the Convening Authority if the Courts-Martial takes place on Atlantis? I'm assuming this precludes him from participating in the trials as anything but a witness. Yes? No?

3) Does it screw things up if he was the one who caught them?

4) The Marines in question are enlisted. There have to be enlisted personnel as Members, right?

5) 5 Marines, 5 trials or can they be tried together? I'm assuming separately.

6) Different panel of members for each trial, right?

7) Same military judge, though, right?

8) JAG prosecutor and defense? Given the situation, can JAG guy A be the prosecutor for all 5 and JAG guy B the defense?

9) Any idea what sort of punishment we're looking at here?

10) Did you know the Manual for Courts-Martial is 907 pages long? Dude. I mean, yeah, I suppose it needs to be, but it kinda kills my idea of just puzzling this out from there...


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