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London Blitz -- assistance for the newly homeless?

I have a character who has just been bombed out of her flat during the Blitz -- she comes out of shelter and finds the entire building where her flat pretty much gone so all she has is her small suitcase of a few bits of clothing and a tiny amount of money. She has a job as a typist and no children or other dependents. In order to provide as much information as possible, she's about 19 and lives in Bethnal Green.

What is the typical amount of aid she could receive from her local council/the government/any aid agency in general? She has no one to stay with but will probably present herself as less desperate than she really is. Her only family is in Liverpool but she will not mention them as a possibility (they don't speak to each other). In her situation, what is the standard minimum she could/would receive? Would she be told to return for benefits more than once?

I'm quite crap at finding information and while research has helped me w/ most of my questions in regard to writing this, I haven't found an answer for this.
Tags: ~world war ii

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