tlatoani (tlatoani) wrote in little_details,

Taverns Pirates Would Hang Out In

Hi -- long time answerer, first time questioner...

I'm looking for visual reference for the kind of taverns you would expect pirates in the classical Age of Piracy to hang out in. I've found tons of pictures related to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and the movie, but I'm looking for other images of picturesque seaport taverns of the period, preferably Caribbean. I recognize that this is vague, but if I were capable of being much more specific I probably would have found what I'm looking for by now.

I really do mean visual reference here; we need to do some stage backdrops and decor for a party at an SF con.


(Obligatory "I've searched" notes: I've done Google Image and web searches on strings like [tavern tortuga], [tavern pirate], [pirate tavern], and [tavern martinique] to no good effect except finding the references mentioned above and a lot of shots from video games. I'm convinced there are other piratey taverns out there and I just don't know how to find them.)
Tags: 1700s (no decades given), caribbean: history, ~boats and other things that float, ~pirates

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