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French Aristocracy in the 1870s

Setting: Victorian Paris, France (or more specifically, the Parisian aristocracy in the 1870s)
Searches and sources tried: A lot of combinations of Victorian, 19th century, aristocracy, upper class, jobs, masks, French, nobility, and other similar searches. I’ve also tried looking through quite a few Victorian sites and Wikipedia, and while I’ve found quite a bit of useful information, I still have some questions:

1. If a member of the aristocracy/nobility was to insist on wearing a mask all the time, how would the rest of the aristocracy react to him? What kind of reason could he give for the mask that everyone would accept, or at least that would keep the suspicion down?

2. An aristocrat does architectural designing and music composing. Considering he’s upper class, and not upper-middle, would this be an actual job, or would it be more of a ‘free-lance’ or a hobby?

3. Someone’s pretending to be nobility, but really isn’t. He’s incredibly resourceful, and is able to forge pretty much anything he’d need. So what would he need, and how long would it be before someone found out? (The longer, the better, so anything to help prolong things a bit…) Are there any major consequences if anyone finds out, or would he just lose his social position?

4. How easily could lower classes mix in with the higher classes? Did upper-middle class people ever socialize with those in the upper class? If so, for what reasons or occasions would it happen?

Tags: 1870-1879, france: history, ~nobility (misc)

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