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Realistic Police Reactions--Present-day (New Jersey, if it matters)

I've crossposted this question to <lj_user=ask_a_cop>. I'm hoping that someone there or here might be able to help me. I'm writing a fanfic and trying to come up with a believable reaction. 

Here's the basic scenario: 

Rioting in the city. Driveby shootings, arson, looting, anarchy. A former police officer with a talent for strategy and thinking on his feet came up with a plan to get things under control. Many officers followed this man because, although he was no longer a police officer, his reputation preceded him and the 'top brass' really didn't have a better idea.

Things went horribly wrong and 28 officers died, either on the scene or in hospital. (It wasn't really something he could have predicted--more like he chose to turn left instead of right, with fatal consequences.)

The former cop suffered a breakdown and underwent therapy. Now, over two years later, he encounters several officers who were with him at the time of the rioting. He tries to apologize.

I'm trying to figure out how the officers might react at this point. They did know some of the casualties. Now, while I realize that different people react in different ways, I'm fairly sure it would be unrealistic for them to pat the former cop on the back and say 'it's ok. We know you didn't mean it.' But is it likely that he'd be roundly condemned? (I'm really hoping that there are words I can put into an officer's mouth which WILL be comforting, and WON'T have real police shaking their heads and saying 'no way any cop would say that.')


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