Oh, Snap! (kutsuwamushi) wrote in little_details,
Oh, Snap!

MOD POST: new posting format update

Since there was such an outcry about the form idea, I've ditched it. It's just not worth it.

However, all of your posts from now on will still be required to have information on the setting and the type of web searches you've tried - if relevant. The setting thing has been a rule for a while, but I'm going to start enforcing it.

A lot of you have asked why you need to tell us your web searches. It's a pain in the ass, you say. You always google if you can, you say. Here's the biggest (but not the only) reason why:

Since this community started to take off, there have been people who don't google and people who complain about people who don't google. Thus was the "google it" rule born. Just having the rule wasn't enough, though; I have to try to enforce it or it doesn't do any good.

What I'm doing now isn't working. Because I can only guess, I have to be overcautious to be at all fair. Even then, telling someone to google backfires more often than not. People who actually did are insulted, and people who didn't - well, they lie about it.

Giving up on enforcing the rule isn't going to happen, so we're going to try this out. You won't be required to list every search you've tried, and you won't be required to include it if it's not relevant to your query.

I'll be rejecting posts that come up in the moderation queue if they don't include this info. If someone already off of moderation forgets to include it, they'll be put back on. There will be no deleting of posts, and if your post is rejected you're welcome to resubmit an edited version.

As with the last time, I'm leaving comments open and will be waiting a couple of days before putting the new rules into effect.

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