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Falling Injury/Death

Hello, everyone! I've contributed a few answers to this list here and there, performed my civic duty, and now hope that some of you can answer mine! I tried doing a little Google research, but most of the stuff I've found hasn't been helpful in answering my questions.

In my novel, a character is working at a construction site, doing roofing work, when he slips and falls almost three stories to the ground (bare soil, no vegetation). He dies soon after, before he can get to the hospital, but as I have it written he is still alive and awake a minute or two immediately after falling, and is coherent enough to talk a little. I'm wondering how feasible this situation really is.

Depending on how he lands, the condition of the soil (muddy, dry, etc.), what sort of injuries can this person expect to have? Spinal, neck, head, limb and pelvis injuries, I'm sure. What I really want to know is if it's possible for someone to make that fall and still be coherent enough to talk a little bit?

Also, if you have a major head injury such as with falling, can hallucinations and/or visual distortions occur?

I haven't had a broken bone in my entire life, or even so much as a concussion

*knocks on wood*

so I have no earthly idea what a person with these sorts of injuries would experience.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide! :)

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