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Slit throats

Hello all!

I have a scenario in a story I need to work out. But there is a part concerning a slit throat that I'm not sure of. Here is the basic scenario:

A prisoner decides to kill and switch places with a guy who has a somewhat favored position in court but people know little about him. The court guy, however, has a very lyrical, pretty speaking voice. The prisoner (possessing a nice enough but not amazing voice) does not realize that he overlooked it until after the man is dead. He starts getting desperate, as guards are nearby. In desperation, he takes a blade and slits his own throat. He's a thief and murderer, so he knows how to slit throats. It's not a deep cut though-- only enough to look like it could be serious. The idea would be to claim the prisoner attacked him and cut him, damaging his vocal chords. The guy would pretend to have it affect him more than it actually does. His voice would "get better" over time by returning to his normal sound, but to everyone else it would look like he had permanent damage.

So my question is...

How deep would a cut need to be to look fairly serious but not hurt his throat permanantly?
To affect his vocal chords, where on his throat should the cut be?
How much would a cut like that bleed?
What would be the immediate effects?
Would such a cut need stitches?
How long would it take to heal?
How would a person immediatly sound, as in 15 seconds after cutting? Would this cause blood to spurt or anything?

Thank you all!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds

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