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Childhood scars on dark skin.

Setting (Time and Place) Not Relevant

Search Engine and key words used: Scars, scarring, childhood scars, fading scars, old scars and half a dozen variations, Google. Also this post.

Query: I'm asking about scars on dark skin. Specifically-

If a child were to receive scars- on his back, thighs, hands and upper arms- from being beaten by a belt (and occasionally whatever was at hand) from the age of five to the age of ten, what would those scars look like when he's 25? Darker or lighter? Would they be visible or have faded away?

Other stuff: Google gives me a dozen ways to cure scars, and there's very little on scarring on people of colour that I can seem to dig up (that isn't related to tribal or ritualistic scarring, and I'm looking at scars at a very young age). My character would be fairly dark skinned without getting to the blue-black range. It's a little detial, but it's a big plot point for the short story, and I'm itching to know if those are really going to be visible if he's caught with his shirt off.
Personal expierience would be fantastic for this, just in terms of how long old scars last (and in what shape they're in now)
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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