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Anime images...

This is kind of a strange question and it's driving me nuts. It's tricky to google, so I thought I'd at least try here to see if anyone could help.

Does anyone remember how MTV used to show anime all the time, back in the early 90s? I was a kid then and the shows used to freak me out. Heh.

But there are a few images left in my mind from those shows that have inspired me to write a strange story. The problem is, I may not even be remembering them right, and since they're fuzzy, I don't even know what the anime is now.

Three scenes stand out in my head. They may even be the same anime.

I was hoping perhaps someone here would recognize them and help me out... Thanks in advance!

** The first image is of one woman watching another through the window. The woman being watched reaches back and removes a part of her spine that fits into a metal slot. She then stands on her hands and starts swinging her legs back and forth to stretch the rest of her spine. She then falls and the other woman says, "Ouch" or something like that.

The feel is that of a futuristic, post-apocolyptic like setting, meant to be serious and most likely tragic.

** The second is the image of a young girl being attacked by some sort of creep. I believe a motorcylce or something similar is involved. He puts a collar of some sort on her and and they both crash together somewhere. (this could be slightly wrong) They fall and she tries to pull the collar off. He tells her if she pulls it it'll only get tighter.

Again, this one holds the same feeling as the first. The girl had short brown hair I think and the guy is big and ugly. I... think. I was under the impression that the girl was able to fight, as well.

For some reason Cowboy Bebop is popping into my mind but I don't remember Faye being in any situation like that.

** Last I think there were two sisters or close friends. In my mind both girls had dark hair. They were fighting something... One of the girls, or both even, had wings of some sort. They may have been mechanical. The girls went up together to fight but when they reached the top, the one pushed the other off and said something along the lines of having to do this herself. I was under the impression that she was sort of sacrificing herself so the other girl would be all right.

Do those sound familiar to anyone? All of them were dramatic and seemed to be shounen/action, but I could be wrong.

Oh and...

Finally, I saw an AMV entitled "The Full Raideen" with a play on "The Full Monty" featuring a bunch of attractive males doing some sort of attack that involved removing their clothing. I searched the given anime title but all I got was an old 70s mecha show. This doesn't seem to be the same thing but perhaps I'm wrong. I saw no mecha in the AMV but it's hard to find many images of the show, so who knows. Anyone able to help?


FINAL EDIT: Thanks to resources given and multiple comms working together, I think I've figured out all four. For anyone interested, though this is so random I'm thinking probably not, the four anime in order to the best of my knowledge are:

Aeon Flux, Tank Police, Iria and Chouja Raideen

Thanks for the help!
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