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mandatory autopsies

Im just trying to find out whether an autopsy would always be performed on a suspicious death, despite family refusal.
Story is set in Miami, Florida, concerning a 27 year old man who dies of 'supernatural' causes in a police interrogation room. (obviously the police arent going to know that its a 'supernatural' death, to them it looks like he just shut his eyes and died)
His only living family member has power of attorney/will executor/etc and is refusing the autopsy. (mostly becuase he wants to resurrect the guy)

I can work with either. (though Id prefer no autopsy, mostly because i'd have to add an extra chapter of body snatching. XP)

/Edit/ - thank you so much for your information
Tags: usa: government (misc), usa: government: law enforcement (misc), ~forensics: corpses

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