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Either this is a growing trend, or I'm just paying more attention: Members are frequently posting answers to questions that they have no clue about.

Before you comment, please consider where your information is coming from. Are you just guessing? Then say so. Are you just repeating folk wisdom? Then say so. I think you get the picture.

I'm going to start being cracking down on this. But don't worry, the most I'll do is embarrass you. Basically, if you state something as if it's fact and I suspect that you're just pulling it out of your ass, I'm going to ask you for your source.

And you will be required to answer.

Two more things:

* If you think someone is posting wrong information, feel free to question or correct them. If they throw a fit at you, contact me and I'll tell them to settle down. (But don't be an utter jerk, of course.)

* It's a good idea to let posters know what your qualifications are, if you have them. This isn't a requirement; it's just helpful to have that to take into account when judging the trustworthiness your info.

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