President of the United States of Love (numinicious) wrote in little_details,
President of the United States of Love

Translating from English to dog Latin

Q: I'm looking for a translation into dog latin, which is sufficiently different from regular Latin so that my Google-fu is failing.

So, the phrase I'd like to translate is, "Shit or get off the pot". The problem is that it needs to be translated into dog latin, instead of regular latin, and so far even word-by-word dictionaries are failing me. An example of dog latin is, "Fabricati diem", which looks like, "Make my day", but doesn't actually mean anything sensible.

So far, I've pulled together the following words:
Stercus - shit
Matella - (chamber) pot
And effugio/evado for some sort of bastardized "climb/get off"?

It's piecing these things together that's the problem. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance. :)

A: Found! Thanks for all the help. :)
Tags: ~languages: latin

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