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Technicalities of sword fighting

Heya! First time poster here, hope you can help!

I am currently working on a short story where my character is involved in a rather unceremonious sword fight. The outcome is that my main character defeats his opponent mainly by dumb luck and having higher stamina. I want the opponent to leave the battle with a broken arm or an injury equivalent to that. My question is how the arm would be broken during the sword fight and not actually severed. Is there a possibility that the opponent strikes so hard that the bone breaks upon impact when the victor blocks the blow?

Is there a site online or a reasonably priced book I can read to gain some information about the technicalities of sword fighting?

Thanks in advance for any and all help!

Update: Decided that my victor shall indeed be using a buckler, so that changes the situation and problem slightly. His opponent is wielding a monster of a sword.. Which leads me to the question if there is a significant difference between broadsword and greatsword. My understanding is that the latter is absolutely enormous and is comparative to using one smaller weapon and one considerably larger.

I'm going to Google and Wiki my tush off to find more information, but I'm still very glad to be linked in proper directions.

Thanks so far for your help!
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