Witch-of-November (witchofnovember) wrote in little_details,

The pig is dead, now what? Butchering, preserving and cooking.

I'm working on a round robin with nine other writers. The story is set in a generic fantasy world, during a generic medieval era. The one local characters is Russian-ish with pre-gun powder weapons.

They have just discovered the Mary Celeste of farm houses, everything is in place, but the people are gone and the livestock have broken loose and gone feral.

The hunters in the group have killed a feral pig, about 300kg or 700lbs worth. I've looked up butchering pigs, making ham and sausage, and I wonder if they can get the thing cut up, cured, stored or eaten before it starts to stink. There are nine of them that eat meat, one is a kitten, another is a wolf.

They have a deep root cellar and a smoke house, some herbs and a few pounds of salt. (up to ten pounds I think is justifiable, much more and it smacks of godding.)

How much pig is going to go to waste?
Tags: europe: history, ~food and drink (misc), ~middle ages

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