majolika (majolika) wrote in little_details,

help me tune my WWI bomber

I need a two-seated WWI military aircraft formerly owned by the US air service (google told me my best bet would be a French plane, Nieuport or Spad) to cover a distance of approx. 300 miles without refuelling. As far as I can tell this is not possible (the "combat ranges" I found were never over 180 miles); is there any way to change that? Can I build in a bigger tank? Anything else? (On a realism scale 1-10 I don't aim higher than a 7; I also don't need this plane to be all nice and safe, it will fall from the sky one day anyway, but I don't want to write utter nonsense.)
Thanks in advance!

EDIT: plane is acquired/flown in the mid 1920s

EDIT #2: this one is solved. I'm a bit of a moron.
Tags: usa: military: historical

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