picky_dragon (picky_dragon) wrote in little_details,

Flesh combustion...or not.

Does human flesh melt first or catch fire first? At what temperature does [whichever comes first] occur?

What about bones? Keratin?

The conditions are a human being in an enclosed room that is steadily getting hotter. It's dry heat, like an oven, and the process is pretty quick, say a couple degrees every few seconds. I need to know what this poor chap is going to be aware of as he cooks; will he just keel over from the heat before he starts to burn/melt away, or will he be conscious to suffer it? What about his eyes, will they degrade faster/at the same pace as his body (that is, will he be able to see what's happening to himself)?

I also need to know what gruesome remains will be left when he's found the next day. Will he have caught fire and be burnt to a crisp, or will he have melted into a pile of scorched goo like when I leave pizza in the oven too long? How will his bones, hair, teeth, etc fare? Assume the "oven room" worked on him quite a few hours before it was turned off.

Thanks in advance for the tips. Not quite sure how to google this; links and effective search terms are also appreciated.
Tags: ~medicine: burns & smoke inhalation

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