Hematite Badger (hematitebadger) wrote in little_details,
Hematite Badger

Hospitals, non-injured people, and blood

Present-day United States, but a world that's just alternate enough (and a main character who's just dangerous enough) that I can fudge if need be. I'm almost embarrassed to be asking something that seems so basic, but I've had precious little experiment with the medical world.

My character has just brought her friend into the hospital after a minor accident. His injuries are severe enough to need medical attention, but in no way life-threatening. She's uninjured, but spattered with his blood and just barely keeping herself from vomiting or fainting out of hemophobia. I assume the hospital is not going to be keen on her walking around in bloody clothes, so what are they going to do with her?

Edit: Answered! "Not much at all" was what I was expecting, and also what will probably end up working best for the plot. Thanks for your quick and clear responses, everyone!
Tags: usa: health care and hospitals, ~clothing

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