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Stab Wound?


I've googled stab wounds (that gets me mostly stuff about abdomenal wounds, and a very interesting thing about a spoon) and I've tried including 'thigh' in there as well but I'm not having much luck.

So I came here.

My character is accidently stabbed in the leg (outer thigh) by someone as they fall downstairs. The knife is about four inches long, but it doesn't necessarily go right in. The person is a slim female who is fairly well toned.

Are there any veins or arteries that are in danger of being hit? What sort of damage is this likely to cause to the muscle? And what is the recovery process likely to be from this sort of injury?

I figured that there'd probably be nerve damage at the actual site of the wound. And I walked into a table and got four inches of wood stuck in my leg last year and the scar still gets sore from time to time. Also I guess it would cause problems with walking for a while, especially bending her knee so she'd probably end up with crutches for a while. How long would it take for her to get over it?

And finally, are there any websites which are relatively work-safe (i.e. not too many gory pictures) where I can look this stuff up? :)

Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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