* (jedifreac) wrote in little_details,

cocaine overdose

I don't know if I'm twisting reality to serve my plot or not, but I had some questions about cocaine overdoses.

I want one of my characters to be admitted to the ER on a very heavy dose of cocaine, exhibiting symptoms of paranoia. I want him to say some personal, accusatory crap to the doctor (he recognizes him.)

Erm. Then I want the guy on cocaine to die. But from my understanding of hospitalized cocaine overdose cases...people don't normally come in ranting and then crash and die. Or do they? Would this require a combination of other drugs? (alcohol perhaps?) What would cause someone to be high and saying paranoid stuff (not necessarily ranting, but not so physically sick that they can't talk) and then go down. Is this realistic?

I have lived a sheltered life and really don't know.

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