Empress Maeuve (empress_maeuve) wrote in little_details,
Empress Maeuve

1130-1140 Medieval France- another dog fight question

This is an addendum to my last question about dog bite injuries. I settled on my healer wielding the hot iron on the unfortunately wounded beast and now I'm just wondering about proceedure as I write this scene. I just want a few more specifics if anyone can help. (I've wiki'd and googled to no avail.) Basically I've got two strong men holding down the dog. (It's a fantasy setting so the dog is "special", shall we say- knows not to bite the handlers so that's not an issue) so he doesn't inadvertently move when the healer applies the iron. So, this is the way it goes in my mind at the moment: One strong man at each end of the dog. Healer applies iron to shoulder, pulls it off, slathers the wound in honey and brandy and then lets the poor beastie be for the rest of the night. Oh, and I am assuming being burned with hot iron, even minorly, hurts like the dickens. Would the dog lose consciousness from the pain? Does all that sound about right or am I missing anything here?

As always, thank you in advance for any information you can give me. :D

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