Lauren (disney711) wrote in little_details,

Diabetes and drinking

My character is a 17 year old diabetic girl. Her diabetes are fairly severe, she's had some problems in the past, including a hospital stay this past summer. What I'm wondering is how much she would be able to drink before seeing some problems. I don't see her as a beer drinker. She'll end up at a college party, and she'd probably go more for the Bacardi Silvers, Mike's Hard Lemonade, maybe a Corona or mixed drink or something, things like that. She's never really drank before, she has a mother who is overprotective of her health. She's had one margarita at most just from hanging out with friends.

So how much would she probably be able to drink, based on the drinks I listed above, in the course of one party? What kind of problems would she start to have if she went too far? I'm not looking to kill her or give her anything severe, but I'm willing for passing out and a small hospital stay.
Tags: ~booze, ~medicine: illnesses: diabetes

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