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Name of a 1980s Two Part Song, English Recording of a Song

ETA: I'd combined memories of the two songs, which were "Hazard" and "Uncle Tom's Cabin". Now that I know what the songs are, I can purchase them and stop being bothered by half remembered lyrics.

Two questions, related only in that they apply to music.

Back in the late 80s or mid 1990s I remember seeing a video for a song whose subject dealt with the story of a young man who was the last to see a girl alive before she was murdered. The video and story were in two parts, shown separately, but unfortunately all I can remember of it were something in the words about a river and how he ran from town because he was scared. I remember only one scene from that video and that was of a small fifth wheel or possibly a single wide trailer in woods in late autumn. It may have been a country song but it seems to me that I saw the video on MTV at the time so maybe that's not correct either.

I am hoping someone could tell me possible names for the song so I can look it and the video up.

Secondarily, a translation: does anyone know of an English sung recording of Gino Vanelli's "Una Rosa Diciembre"? I've searched iTunes, Amazon, and various other music sites but the CDs I find have only the variant in which he's singing in Italian.
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