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How would the nobility look at acting?

Hi! *waves* I hope you can help. The NaNoWriMo board just argued over this, and Google is being uncharacteristaclly unhelpful.

Okay, my world is set in extremely late medieval, early Rennaissance. My character (Tom) is a noble who was disowned because he dared to become an actor, and then employed as valet by another noble (Cormac) that nobody likes because he's a bastard. Cormac is so bad, in fact, that rather than laugh at the insult to Tom, most people privately sympathize. Well, Cormac is allegedly dead, now, and Tom has forged a will that gives him the whole fortune and merchant business. The only people who know Cormac well enough to be suspicious don't really care, and the rest just assume it was yet another naive quirk from the unpleasant idiot. My questions, now:

Does this sound reasonable in a realistic sense?

Is it possible that people might decide to allow Tom his love for acting if he's a responsible and successful member of society? Or should he just resign himself to being a wealthy abberation? (He's very hardheaded, and mostly got into acting because his society forbids it.)

EDIT to fix some errors and add that if you can think of any way I can twist the details to make it more realistic, please let me know. Your advice and insight are most appreciated.
Tags: 1300-1399, 1400-1499, europe: history, ~middle ages, ~renaissance

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