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" the drunken concubine " a japanese equivalent and english phoenetic translation???

Hello and hi, it's the kitsune kimono lady again :D with another question this time for any of the asian opera connosuiers in the crowd. It's a bit of a two-parter.

I came across a most tantalizing reference in a Chinese opera to an aria(?) of sorts titled " The Drunken Concubine " and unfortunately aside from finding it also referred to as " The Drunken Beauty " and " The Drunken Empress " I have found precious little about it, not even any lyrics to go through.

However I was curious, somewhere out there would there happen to be a Japanese version along the same line of a traditional comic song about a drunken courtesean or high-born lady? Or well I'm not terribly picky. Something about a drunken female would work just fine.

Part 2 of my question: If I happened to locate this marvelous creature would it be too much to ask if it had a English phoenetic (I think that's the word) translation tagging along beside it?

thank you thank you and thank you, I appreciate anything I can find :D
Tags: japan (misc), ~music

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