Aramis Dagaz (aramisdagaz) wrote in little_details,
Aramis Dagaz

Feudal Japanese Views on Mixing Gender Roles

I have read that in kitsune legends, even male kitsune tend to be rather feminine in dress and manners. One story I'm working on involves a son of a kitsune/human marriage who starts developing kitsune-like abilities, so I figured that he would pick up these traits as well. The question is, how did the 16th century Japanese, especially samurai, view this sort of behavior? Was it tolerated? Not tolerated? Accepted (or even encouraged) in young boys but not in grown men? In this case, the character in question is about 14 in a minor samurai family, but hasn't celebrated his passage into adulthood yet. Thanks for your help.
Tags: 1500-1599, japan: history

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