Dead Relena (dead_relena) wrote in little_details,
Dead Relena

English-Colonial America Relations?

I have a question related to my last post:

The time period is late 1670's thru the early 1680's. My family's youngest son is going abroad to study to become a priest (Douai to be specific and, yes, I realize his timing sucks) My question is this - what were English (and French) attitudes regarding colonists? I've tried Googling and Wiki-ing this but have only found info on colonist-Native American or modern relations between the countries. So. Were there any gross stereotypes/wild rumors flying about? Were colonists seen as social inferiors? Would he be the "token American" at school and, as such, maybe pestered with questions from his peers about life in America? Anything else I'm not thinking of that I should be aware of?

As always, any and all help is greatly appreciated!
Tags: 1600-1699, france (misc), usa (misc)

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