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Kitsune kimono, patterns and symbolic meaning

This is an incredibly nitpicky detail but I hope one of you folks can help me with it.

I am currently working on a design of a red-and-white costume for a kitsune character of mine. So I am looking for information on historic kimono patterns (crane motif, pines, clouds etc) and the symbolic meaning behind those motifs if any. Basically I'm trying to come up with a kimono pattern that could visually reflect the supernatural nature of a kitsune but I'd really like it to not be as obvious as a stylized fox.

To my credit I have researched in a couple of my costume books and online I have googled and wikipedia'd my little brains out. I have searched through kabuki and noh theater websites (bonus points if any one has a website showing good quality photos of kabuki costumes as that is kinda the style I am shooting for) and though I have found a good amount of information on kimonos and websites showing the various patterns I have yet to find one with specific information on the patterns and their possible symbolic meanings.

I will be particularly grateful for visual references with good quality images. I'm not caring to go into a lot of detail explaining the costume in the writing but I do want to get the design to look right in my drawings :)

Thank you in advance!
Tags: japan: folklore, ~clothing

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