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Cars in WW2-era New York

Scene: New York City, 1943

What would be the typical automobile choice for the following?

- Jewish Mob lawyer, married to millionaire banker's daughter? (So far I have him driving a black 1942 Chevy)

- Irish-American police detective? (Honest, working class but college-educated, wife and three kids; so far I have him driving a blue 1930 Hudson Essex)

- German-American police detective? (Honest, middle-class background, stock market player, heavy drinker, divorcee and father of four; so far I have him driving a red 1939 Chevy)

- Italian-American gangsters? So far I have one driving a Cadillac (eldest son and heir), and his kid brother driving a red 1937 Packard Darrin (young, hot-headed, thinks he's the coolest and God's Gift to women).

Thanking you all in advance...
Tags: usa: new york: new york city, ~cars

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