MinusTheH (minustheh) wrote in little_details,

Ah, nuts!

Prepare for a doozy...

My MC is lethally allergic to pistachios, but I'm still missing the food that caused the allergy...which is quite vital for the plot.

So guys, I need a type of food containing pistachios, preferably something that wouldn't go bad after a few hours of room temperature. And if you can swing it, something sweet, but not ice cream and preferably not cookies(I can possible work around perishable,sweet and cookies, but it needs to be not ice cream), that was possible to buy(or a recipe existed so you could make your own, the latter might be the best) at least 20-25 years ago in either America, France or Africa. And it needs to be free of all other nut-types, unless it's home-made, then the normal recipe can have other kinds of nuts(I'll just say the person who made them was out).

As I live in neither countries and am generally clueless concerning anything concerning nuts, I have no idea where to begin, so if anyone knows anything please do share.

Edit: I know Africa is a continent, but my sleep-deprived self forgot to proofread. And yes, 'Africa' is a very broad term, but the characters wouldn't have known anything more specific.

And the annoying misspells should be fixed now. But in my weak defense they're not always easy to avoid when you're trying to make yourself understood in a language that's not your mother tongue.
Tags: 1980-1989, africa: food and drink, france: food and drink, usa: food and drink

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