Chibi (tenshikitsune) wrote in little_details,

Differential Diagnosis?

I'm writing a House MD fanfic and I need a disease name- Patient is a twenty year old female who was previously in good health save for minor iron defficiency.
Patient presents with dry cough that 'feels like it's tearing at her throat', recurring, irregular heart palpitations not directly brought on by enviromental causes, shortness of breath and slight pressure on the chest. No fever, no history of significant medical issues in the family and the common cold/flu/influenza/panic attacks or other common problems were ruled out.

What's that called? Is there even a name for it, or am I being too specific/non-specific with her symptoms? Help is appreciated as Google fails me and Wiki doesn't do differentials (if it does, then I can't make it work...).
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses to order

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