Akilika (akilika) wrote in little_details,

Mental Ward Admissions

I've got a character who, at the beginning of the story, voluntarily admits herself to the mental hospital. (Off-screen, but it'll affect our main character.) And I'm kind of curious how this would go in general, but I've also got a few specific questions.

For the record, all this would be happening in Colorado (and thus, America) . . . y'know, if it helps.

1 - Would they contact her husband to tell him where she is? Or is it up to her to call him later?

2 - Cell-phone--what would be done with it? If it started ringing once everything was done, would anyone be able to answer it? (I can't imagine she'd be allowed to keep it . . .)

3 - Her job (and, in fact, the entire government agency she headed) has recently ceased to exist--thus, I doubt she has health insurance. Would she be refused on this, or could an alternate payment method be devised?

4 - If she's brought up on criminal charges later (I don't know that she will be, mind--haven't planned that far) . . . how might that be handled?

Er . . . thank you in advance. :) ^^;

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