pappy was a pistol and im a son-of-a-gun (hells__kitten) wrote in little_details,
pappy was a pistol and im a son-of-a-gun

Treatment of wounds from flagellation

The setting is roughly 1720 in the West Indies.

A man and woman are taken off of a large ship and marooned on a deserted island.  However, the man has undergone severe flogging.  How would his companion attempt to treat the wounds on his back?  I have not decided yet where exactly in the Caribbean this island will be, but it will be one's typical uninhabited island.  Is there anything she could find there to use?  Also, a benefactor from the ship is going to secretly leave them a bag with some elements for survival.  What from the ship could he have stolen to leave them to help treat the man's wounds?  (The storyline revolves around piracy, so it is possible they could have some sort of fancy medicine on board.)
Tags: 1720-1729, caribbean: history, ~medicine: historical, ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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