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Goddamned Resurrecting Bitch

Emergency delivery through C-section

Urban fantasy setting, roughly contemporary

I have: a tiny woman, victim of a hate crime due to her interracial marriage and related (IVF-assisted, if that makes any difference) pregnancy, unconscious

The beating she just got resulted in a whole lot of bruises and a broken arm, as well as scaring the crap out of her unborn sons. Due to the "interracial" bit, and the fact her husband is half a bipedal dragon-critter, her fraternal twins have razor-sharp frills on their heads and tails (not a problem for the dragon-critters as 1) the frills are soft until they're used 2) the dragon-critters lay eggs, anyway). One of them was frightened to the point of instinctively using his frills, severing two of his twin's fingers and injuring his mother, badly.

As this woman ran (laborously) at least a couple of blocks trying to get away from her attackers, there's nobody around who knows her (a complete stranger witnessed the mess by chance and called the cops/ambulance), so there's no way for the paramedics in the ambulance to guess what happened, unless the baby actually sliced her open (wholly or partially). I suppose they'd be more likely to guess at a miscarriage due to the beating she just recieved. It seems unlikely to me that the mother would survive something like that, though.

I did manage to find out that uterine rupture is really serious business - the end result of this situation will be a ceaserean hyserectomy. However, that's about where my medical research skills fail me. The original rough idea for this story was kicking around years ago and had it that this woman had an emergency C-section in the ambulance. From what I found now, this seems highly unlikely, and I doubt it would work out well. I do need her to survive long enough to get to the hospital - only after that can I hand-wave, fudge, or otherwise tip the scale in my favor by bringing in a magical healer, and as such are uncommon, the healer can most likely only help a bit, not bring about a complete miracle.

If it's neccesary that the ambulance personnel figure out what's happened early on, rather than suspect miscarriage and/or stab wounds of some kind, she can be carrying a wedding photo in her wallet or similar (they would look at that to try to figure out who she is, right?), as the general appearance of her husband would be a pretty big clue.

What I need to know, preferably in pretty plain terms (I may speak English well, but it's not my native language, and technical terms tend to not show up in word books):
- General procedure, especially from the point where loading her into the ambulance becomes an issue
- Would they start preparing her for surgery in the ambulance, in some way? Will they give her anything by IV, or make some kind of attempt to wake her?
- I've chalked her lack of consciousness up to shock, as there's plenty of that to be had. Is this terribly implausible? I rather not have these miscreants hit her head too much, as they're pissed off about her pregnancy and marrige, not particularly about her, as she's "pure-bred"

In general, I want this to be a narrow-escape situation, but without too much hand-waving to explain why exactly there was an escape.

I do not want pictures, preferably, as I'm very squeamish about blood.
Tags: ~medicine: reproduction

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