Tas (tasyfa) wrote in little_details,

Accuracy of translations into Danish?

One of the characters in our story is Danish-American and while the swearing has been easy to find ;) we wanted to double check the accuracy of a couple of other things. (It's contemporary, btw.) So far as my writing partner and I have been able to determine, "Merry Christmas" should translate to "Glaedelig Jul"; is that correct for the most usual way that would be expressed? Is there another phrase that would be more common?

The other one I'd like verified is the translation of "one" to "eneste." It's meant in the sense of "The One" i.e., love of one's life, etc. etc., but we wanted it to retain the ambiguity that "one" has in English without the article "the" in front of it. Can anyone confirm that "eneste" is a reasonable translation of that, or offer a better alternative?

Thanks in advance. :-)

ETA: Question answered; thanks very much for everyone's assistance.
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