ajneri (ajneri) wrote in little_details,

Youth DUI and Sentences

Character: 17-year-old girl
Place: Los Angeles, California
Time period: Today

After Googling, I've found out that two of the possible sentences for her DUI are probation and community service.

1) Is it possible for both of those sentences to be imposed on her?
2) How often will she have to report to her probation officer and how long will this have to last?
3) What kind of community service is usually imposed and how long is each session? Will she have to wear one of those hideous orange vests? If not, will she have to wear something that identifies her as a person carrying out community service?
4) Will she be forbidden from hanging out in certain places? If so, what places?
5) Would it be correct to have her licence suspended for 12 months?

This non-American says thank you in advance.
Tags: usa: california, ~booze

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