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I'm writing a story set in the late 1970s in the U.S., where my character, a fifteen year old boy, is suffering from major depression due to the death of his immediate family (parents and siblings) in a car accident. My question is, what sort of treatment would be available to him? Was talk therapy normal, and was there medication that could be given to him? I know how to write modern treatment for depression, but as I wasn't around in the seventies, I'm at a loss of how to write that era. Thanks!

ETA: Social background: he's in California, and belongs to an upper middle class, well-educated family and community. He was recently caught out in a storm that gave him pneumonia, which nearly killed him, and he's also not speaking and eating very poorly, so he's definitely seen as having a problem, even as slightly suicidal. Thanks!
Tags: usa: california, ~psychology & psychiatry: depression

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