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Condemned Houses in Nevada

So, story is set in about 1998, if that makes any difference, in the Las Vegas suburb of Summerlin (not sure if it's the portion in Clark County or Las Vegas' jurisdiction, though -- if it makes any difference, I'll say Las Vegas).

So, say there's an old house that's been inhabited by some pretty shady characters. They're not exactly doing anything that's provably against the rules provided by the neighborhood's homeowner association, but no one gets along with them. Then it turns out that, oh, in the fifteen years the family's lived there they've let the inside of the house go completely to waste -- stairs to the second story are rotting, floors are unstable, and there's a disturbing number of vermin present.

Can the house be condemned? (The homeowner presumably owns the house, and has by now completely paid it off.) If not, what does it take to get a house condemned? (I've got a way to get rid of the tenants, who don't matter to the story.) Really, all that matters is that the building's off-limits and no one's allowed to move in for a while. Most of the details can change if need be -- I just need an abandoned and officially condemned building.

Cheers, everyone! ♥
Tags: usa: government (misc), usa: nevada, ~real estate

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