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Police, guidance counselors, and gift shops

These are various unrelated questions for a variety of things I'm working on. Everything's set in the American South.

1) If a police officer is transferred to a new precinct, how is she introduced to her new partner? Is there an official meeting or orientation or do they just start working? This is set in a deliberately fictionalized police station, so examples from fictional shows are okay.

2) What would a public school guidance counselor do for an adult student who graduated high school a few years before, who now wants to apply to college? He's a family friend of the student, so if this is beyond the normal duties of a guidance counselor, consider that he's doing it as a favor. (I was homeschooled and never had a guidance counselor, so I basically need step-by-step info on what they do.)

3) What's it like owning one of those little touristy gift shops on the Gulf coast? I have a good idea of what they sell, but not how they operate. Are the start-up costs high or low? How many employees do they need, and what do they make? Is it plausible for the shop to be run by a family?

ETA: Modern-day setting.
Tags: usa: education: high school, usa: education: higher education, usa: government: law enforcement (misc)

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